The 2017 World Taekwondo Championships

This year, the World Championship is held in the country where it all started: Korea. On June 24-30, the county of Muju will be the host of this world class competition. The wait can be very stressful for athletes. You could play fantasy football to blow off some steam.

General mentions

The competition will occur in a G-12 single elimination system. There are separate tournaments for men and women with the following weight divisions:

  • Men: under 54kg, 54-58k, 58-63kg, 63-68kg, 68-74kg, 74-80kg, 80-87kg, over 87kg.
  • Women: under 46kg, 49-53kg, 53-57kg, 57-62kg, 62-67kg, 67-73kg, over 73kg.

In order to participate to the World Championship from Muju, athletes and team officials have to first register with a WTF Global Athlete License (GAL) or a Global Official License (GOL) respectively. After that, they will have to complete the online registration process. The National Team GMS administration will receive an email this becomes available.


The competition is not free to enter. There are 3 types of fees: early bird ($75 per athlete), regular ($100 per athlete), and late ($150 per athlete). The Early Bird discounted period was over on March 30th and the regular entry fee period ended on May 24th, 2017.

So, at this point, the only remaining option is to pay the late registration fee until June 9th, 2017. Still, there’s an important mention here. Late registration is available only if the WTF and the Organizing Committee decides to implement this and makes an official communication.

The maximum number of athletes that national associations can register is 8 males and 8 females. As for team officials, you can register 1 head of team per country, 1 manager per team, 2 coaches per team, 1 team doctor, 2 trainers per team and 3 Member National Association (MNA) officials per country.

Each National Association has to ensure the round trip airfare costs and the accommodation charges. Ground transportation in South Korea will be provided by the Organizing Committee of the event.


There are 2 different types of awards at this World Taekwondo Championship: individual awards and team awards. 4 medals will be awarded to the top 4 athletes in each weight category (1 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals). As for team awards, the top 5 men teams and top 5 women teams get trophies based on the number of points gathered by their members.

That being said, every participant who passed the official weigh-in gets 1 point and every won fight brings 1 point. A gold medal is worth 7 points, silver brings 3 points and the bronze only 1 point.

The 2016 Taekwondo World Championship

Last year, the Russian Federation got the highest number of medals: 11 medals, out of which only 2 were gold. Korea got the highest number of gold medals: 6 but they came second at the overall number of medals: 10.

Korea was followed by Turkey with 8 medals out of which 2 are gold. The Islamic Republic of Iran and Chinese Taipei share the 4 place with 7 medals each (3 gold medals for IRI, coming second after the Koreans).