The Best Sparring Gear You Should Have

When sparring, it is important to gear up, otherwise, you might get injured. That is true for almost any contact sport, or extreme sport. Having the right gear with you is essential as it prevents injury, which should at the top of the list, and it also promotes great and effective exercise.

Here is the gear you should have if you want to spar.


Your head is really important as it houses your brain and various other essential body parts such as ears, eyes, nose and teeth. Protecting your head in a sparring match is more than just recommended, but rather mandatory, as you will get a good idea of what a blow to the face might feel like, but less intensive and without fatal or destructive consequences.

The type of headgear depends on the sport you intend to practice, but almost any sparring session will have shots aimed for the head so be prepared.


Gloves are essential for sparring because they keep your hands from hurting the other person while also protecting your hands from you hurting yourself. Not knowing how to throw a punch is every beginner’s problem and throwing a wrong one can hurt both the sparring partner and the one who threw the punch.

Depending on the sport, there are various types of gloves, from boxing ones, to smaller ones used in taekwondo, for example. Think about hand wraps if you plan on doing boxing as gloves can irritate and tear your skin from all the punches. This can also happen with just a punching bag.

Shin Guards

If your contact sport of choice also allows kicks, then shin guards are essential. Almost any sport has kicks in their arsenals of ways you can hit an opponent, so buying a pair should keep your shins from bruising or breaking, while providing them with enough stress so that they can grow in density and durability.

Groin Guards

Speaking of kicks, groin guards are especially recommended for male martial artists. A missed kick or a bad block or dodge could mean you getting hit where it hurts the most, which is something that can easily be avoided with a groin guard.


Having a mouthguard on can make the difference between a lost tooth and just a short-lasting ache. Wear them if you value your pearly whites.

This gear is essential for sparring and if you are planning on doing any, you should definitely obtain most of it.