Are there Any Similarities between Taekwondo and Equestrianism?

At first glance, you would think that both disciplines are fairly unique and that they do not have anything in common. However, is this really the case? Can we honestly say that there is nothing more than a world of difference between this martial art and riding a horse? This question haunted me as I was betting at Cheltenham, so let us try and find some common ground.


The sports we are comparing today contain both theoretical knowledge and practice. You will not get far without hard work. You can learn the theory, show up for practice once in a blue moon, and get a certain level of knowledge on the subject, but both horsemanship and taekwondo require dedication and love in order to master the art.

Moves and Instinct

If you do a move a certain number of times, it becomes second nature. Pretty soon, you will be able to perform certain feats without even being aware of the fact that you did them. You may encounter people telling you that you need to get a right feeling for certain moves, and that is where taekwondo and riding a horse overlap.

In addition, if we compare your opponent to a horse, this instinct, this focus that you have on someone else will help you make split-second decisions. There is surprisingly little difference between dodging an aggressive attack and calming down a scared horse.

Not Getting Kicked

Finally, in both disciplines, you have to be careful not to be on the receiving end of a kick. While the kick of an average taekwondo competitor is not as strong as a horse’s kick, you can be certain that a simple miscalculation could leave you seriously injured, or worse. It is not uncommon for martial artists and riders to retire from the sport entirely after sustaining an injury that causes them to limp, prevents them from carrying heavy things, or leaves any other type of health mark on their body. While these activities are fun and healthy, you need to be careful and alert at all times.

To Summarize

When you look at the two sports, they seem nothing alike. One prepares the entire body of a person in order to defend and fight, while the other seems to boil down to just sitting on an animal. However, the similarities lie in the amount of preparation, dedication, and instinct one must acquire in order to progress in their art. In fact, that is the known side-effect of studying a martial art – it gives you a new outlook on life with lessons you can use in the most unlikely places. So, as surprising as it seems, horsemanship and taekwondo have a few things in common.