Debunking Common Myths about Taekwondo

There are so many martial arts or fighting style sports out there and almost as many sports offers on online betting sites. Ever since UFC became popular the popularity of martial arts grew as well, and those who are devoted to a certain fighting style very often make up stuff about other sports that are not true. By comping with these misconceptions they somehow validate that the sport they chose is superior. So, Taekwondo is no exception and there are a few negative myths attached to it that need to be addressed. 

Taekwondo is just a copy of Karate

There are multiple factors that contributed to this myth. The first reason is that the founders of Taekwondo were actually studying Karate, however, that does not make the arts identical. Second, during the Japanese occupation, the aspects of Korean culture were heavily suppressed and teaching martial arts that originate from Korea was not allowed. Lastly, when people from mainstream culture started practicing Taekwondo there was no official or traditional uniform, so they used Karate gis. Taekwondo is a martial arts that derived as an evolution of multiple different fighting styles so saying it is just a form of Karate is not true. 

Taekwondo does not have a practical use 

Truth be told people are likely to say this about any competitive martial arts. When you watch people compete they have to follow a set of rules, which will, of course, look impractical when you think about real-life applications. Also, instructors focus on form and healthy aspects of the sport, as typically a sane person is not in charge of the course on how to pick up a fight and maim someone when you fill like it. But the truth is all martial arts were, in fact, war arts and were taught for the purpose of neutralizing foes. Taekwondo is no different in that sense. 

Physical fitness and athletic skills are prerequisites for Taekwondo   

When someone is watching what professional Taekwondo fighters are doing they also create a misconception that Taekwondo is dismissive towards those who are not in great shape. The truth is that there are no rites of passage involved, like doing a tornado kick, if you wish to take up Taekwondo. All martial arts are about mastery of your body and spirit, so you can start doing it regardless of how much you weigh and what you can do. Practice makes perfect and if you are disciplined you will gradually get where you intend to go.    

Taekwondo users have a lot of body protection because they are cowards (or worse insult word) 

This is really utter nonsense. Taekwondo fighting style consists of kicks, and as legs are really powerful and more likely to get you hurt than arms you need to have a lot of armor. The goal is to train and to continue to train, not to get knocked out after the first 5 minutes.