Debunking Common Myths about Taekwondo

There are so many martial arts or fighting style sports out there and almost as many sports offers on online betting sites. Ever since UFC became popular the popularity of martial arts grew as well, and those who are devoted to a certain fighting style very often make up stuff about other sports that are not true. By comping with these misconceptions they somehow validate that the sport they chose is superior. So, Taekwondo is no exception and there are a few negative myths attached to it that need to be addressed. 

Taekwondo is just a copy of Karate

There are multiple factors that contributed to this myth. The first reason is that the founders of Taekwondo were actually studying Karate, however, that does not make the arts identical. Second, during the Japanese occupation, the aspects of Korean culture were heavily suppressed and teaching martial arts that originate from Korea was not allowed. Lastly, when people from mainstream culture started practicing Taekwondo there was no official or traditional uniform, so they used Karate gis. Taekwondo is a martial arts that derived as an evolution of multiple different fighting styles so saying it is just a form of Karate is not true. 

Taekwondo does not have a practical use 

Truth be told people are likely to say this about any competitive martial arts. When you watch people compete they have to follow a set of rules, which will, of course, look impractical when you think about real-life applications. Also, instructors focus on form and healthy aspects of the sport, as typically a sane person is not in charge of the course on how to pick up a fight and maim someone when you fill like it. But the truth is all martial arts were, in fact, war arts and were taught for the purpose of neutralizing foes. Taekwondo is no different in that sense. 

Physical fitness and athletic skills are prerequisites for Taekwondo   

When someone is watching what professional Taekwondo fighters are doing they also create a misconception that Taekwondo is dismissive towards those who are not in great shape. The truth is that there are no rites of passage involved, like doing a tornado kick, if you wish to take up Taekwondo. All martial arts are about mastery of your body and spirit, so you can start doing it regardless of how much you weigh and what you can do. Practice makes perfect and if you are disciplined you will gradually get where you intend to go.    

Taekwondo users have a lot of body protection because they are cowards (or worse insult word) 

This is really utter nonsense. Taekwondo fighting style consists of kicks, and as legs are really powerful and more likely to get you hurt than arms you need to have a lot of armor. The goal is to train and to continue to train, not to get knocked out after the first 5 minutes.   

Tech-wondo – Scoring Technology in Martial Arts

Martial arts is amazing in the sense that you get to see athletes that compete against one another, often causing and enduring lots of physical pain. Now, with that in mind, athletes often win or lose based on a decision of a judge or referee. The problem with that is that every referee has some bias, whether towards a certain athlete or their style of fighting or even a certain mindset which the athlete embodies.

Matches which end unfavorably hurt everyone, from the competitors, to the judges, and even the fans, especially those who love sports betting. Yes, sports betting and martial arts go hand in hand. There are plenty of martial arts you can bet on, on various online betting sites, like FUN88 and the like.

But, when betting gets to be ruined, like someone’s gold medal, due to human error, technology needs to step in and save the day. This is how scoring is done in taekwondo.

Scoring Prior to Technology

Scoring prior to the introduction of various technologies to help with precise and accurate point measurement was done by eye. This was proven to be extremely unreliable at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Given taekwondo’s recent entry into the Olympic Games, in 2000, scoring has always been one of the concerns, even during the 1988 demonstrations in Seoul, South Korea.

Taekwondo is a very fast form of fighting, or rather, martial arts, and it has really fast kicks, it is very difficult to measure by only using the naked eye. The World Taekwondo Federation was very keen on accepting and implementing new technology once it was ready. Luckily for everyone, we didn’t have to wait too long.

Wireless Sensors

The best way of notifying judges was through the use of wireless sensors which are planted in the chestguard, hand and footwraps and in the headguard. These sensors measure the force of impact and notify the referee whether a hit with sufficient force was made. This solves the hitting part, but not the type of hit. This other part is solved with high-speed cameras.

Video Assisted Referee – High-speed Cameras

This little jab at FIFA shows that some other sports embrace technology quicker. High-speed cameras capture footage of fights and during key decisions or disputes, referees can review the footage and determine whether a hit was scored and what kind of a hit.

Are All of These Technologies Good?

People will always argue whether implementing a certain technology is good for a sport and some will say yes, others no. Some argue that taekwondo is losing its roots due to the sport being turned completely into a point based game, drifting away from actually fighting, which was one of the highlights of taekwondo in the past. On the other hand, disputes can be settled with ease, should the need arise.

Taekwondo is embracing technology to help with the scoring system. They are doing what some other sports took quite longer to do. Whether this is for the better or worse, remains to be seen.

Is Taekwondo Good for Self-Defence? – Kicking to Safety

Martial arts often serve the purpose of some philosophy or other, in its roots. Some people, however, love martial arts because of its physical nature and a relatively safe environment in which you can practice fighting. On the other hand, some people want to learn martial arts to be able to defend themselves should a situation warrant defending.

Taekwondo can be really flashy and really fast, and with that in mind, it seems to be great martial art to learn if you want to defend yourself, right? Well, it depends…

Taekwondo – Flashy or Deadly?

The main problem people have with taekwondo is its focus on using the legs as opposed to the arms. What the same people often forget is that taekwondo teaches people how to use their arms, for punches and palm strikes.

It is true, however, that kicks are about 70% of taekwondo, the legs being more powerful than the arms and having more reach. With that in mind, is taekwondo good enough for self defence? It depends.

A Good Teacher – Good Defence

Teachers and instructors can make a really big difference in what you learn and how you practice it. If a teacher teaches you a wrong way to hold a stance, or disregards movement and mobility exercises, you might end up knowing how to kick in an inefficient way, which either leaves you exposed, or is too slow or simply put, bad.

A good teacher will start by teaching you the basics of standing in a correct position and of moving your legs and arms in the right way if you want to efficiently strike your opponent.

The Good About Taekwondo

Taekwondo teaches you to kick your opponents in various ways. Now, during a real fight, people do not wear protective gear, so kicks like the groin kick often work and can end a fight in a matter of seconds. Open palm strikes to the jaw can also send someone into the world of dreams rather quickly. Learning to move quickly and how to reposition yourself like professionals do is paramount and could help you turn a fight or get yourself out of a sticky situation. Skipping left and right, in and out of range is very helpful if your opponent has more range than you, or holds any sort of weapon, sharp or blunt. 

The Bad About Taekwondo

But, flashy kicks such as those where you rotate and kick an opponent are quite bad. You never want your head turned away from your opponent. Flying and jumping kicks are an absolute joke if you are anywhere near a real fight. Leaving the ground for any reason other than a dodge or a swift kick can be detrimental. People criticize taekwondo’s stance as being far from optimal in a street fight. 

Is it Good or Bad? – It Depends

Taekwondo can be great if you take the essentials and practice them to a level where you can dispatch an opponent quicker than they would be able to react. This means practicing stances, movement and kicks, as well as palm strikes, blocking and hitting with a closed fist. 

Taekwondo can be great for self defence if you have a great teacher and focus on the fundamentals, leaving the flashy stuff to demonstrators and professionals.

Are there Any Similarities between Taekwondo and Equestrianism?

At first glance, you would think that both disciplines are fairly unique and that they do not have anything in common. However, is this really the case? Can we honestly say that there is nothing more than a world of difference between this martial art and riding a horse? This question haunted me as I was betting at Cheltenham, so let us try and find some common ground.


The sports we are comparing today contain both theoretical knowledge and practice. You will not get far without hard work. You can learn the theory, show up for practice once in a blue moon, and get a certain level of knowledge on the subject, but both horsemanship and taekwondo require dedication and love in order to master the art.

Moves and Instinct

If you do a move a certain number of times, it becomes second nature. Pretty soon, you will be able to perform certain feats without even being aware of the fact that you did them. You may encounter people telling you that you need to get a right feeling for certain moves, and that is where taekwondo and riding a horse overlap.

In addition, if we compare your opponent to a horse, this instinct, this focus that you have on someone else will help you make split-second decisions. There is surprisingly little difference between dodging an aggressive attack and calming down a scared horse.

Not Getting Kicked

Finally, in both disciplines, you have to be careful not to be on the receiving end of a kick. While the kick of an average taekwondo competitor is not as strong as a horse’s kick, you can be certain that a simple miscalculation could leave you seriously injured, or worse. It is not uncommon for martial artists and riders to retire from the sport entirely after sustaining an injury that causes them to limp, prevents them from carrying heavy things, or leaves any other type of health mark on their body. While these activities are fun and healthy, you need to be careful and alert at all times.

To Summarize

When you look at the two sports, they seem nothing alike. One prepares the entire body of a person in order to defend and fight, while the other seems to boil down to just sitting on an animal. However, the similarities lie in the amount of preparation, dedication, and instinct one must acquire in order to progress in their art. In fact, that is the known side-effect of studying a martial art – it gives you a new outlook on life with lessons you can use in the most unlikely places. So, as surprising as it seems, horsemanship and taekwondo have a few things in common.

6 Most Popular Sports in New Jersey

People from the state of New Jersey love to play sports and, as sports betting became legal in 2018, they have recently got an opportunity to bet on them as well.

Similar to almost every other state in the country, New Jersey has its representatives in some major American professional sports leagues. However, in this article, you can also read about other sports that the residents of this state enjoy watching, playing, and betting on.


This sport is pretty big in New Jersey, and the most popular hockey team here is the New Jersey Devils. They were established in 1974, and, so far, they have won three Stanley Cup titles  — in 1995, 2000, and 2003. They’ve been the top team in their division 9 times, and have also won 5 Conference championships.

Metropolitan Riveters are the New Jersey’s women hockey team that competes in the NWHL. They have been in the league since 2015 and have won a title in the 2017/18 season.

And if you like watching hockey games, is a sportsbook review site where you can find promo codes and bonuses for hockey games and other types of sports.


While New Jersey doesn’t have any team in the MLB, they still have a bunch of teams that play on a semi-professional level.

Both Trenton Thunder and Lakewood BlueClaws compete in the Minor League Baseball, while they also have representatives in the ALPB (Somerset Patriots) and the CAN-AM (New Jersey Jackals and Sussex County Miners).


American football is the most popular sport across the US, and New Jersey is in no way an exception. Although they don’t compete in the NFL, both the New York Giants and the New York Mets play on the MetLife Stadium that is located in New Jersey.

Betting on American football is very widespread in this state, and a lot of NJ casinos offer competitive odds to football gamblers.


New Jersey Nets had been playing in the NBA from 1977 to 2012, then the franchise moved to Brooklyn. Despite the fact they don’t have an NBA team anymore, many residents of New Jersey will tell you that basketball is their favorite sport. Currently, they do have one team called the Jersey Expres that competes in the ABA.


Soccer is definitely more popular in Europe and the rest of the world than it is in the United States. However, Americans seem to have accepted soccer as one of the major sports played in this country.

As for New Jersey, their Sky Blue FC is very competitive in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), and they had even won a title in 2009. New Jersey is also home to the Red Bull Arena, a stadium where the neighboring New York Red Bulls play their MLS games.

Martial Arts

Apart from popular team competitions, New Jersey residents enjoy many other sports as well. There are many places in the state where you can learn martial arts, including the New Jersey Martial Arts Academy. These classes can teach you karate, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, judo, kickboxing, as well as other techniques.


Sports Betting in New Jersey

New Jersey was at the forefront of sports betting legalization back in 2018 after winning the case against PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) in Federal Court.

Today, New Jersey is one of few states that legalized sports betting, which made a lot of residents of this state interested in a bunch of different sports. If the players satisfy minimum age requirements, they can test their luck in a vast number of New Jersey-based casinos where they’ll get high odds for football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, and other popular sporting events.

Taekwondo in Canada – Canadian Kicks

Canada is one of the biggest taekwondo countries in the world, believe it or not. Taekwondo is an old martial art, dating back to 37 B.C. and Korea, as a founding country. It is quite different from Karate and Kung Fu, in more than one way. Taekwondo primarily focuses on fast (therefore strong) kicks and punches.

Taekwondo, as we know it today, was founded in the 1940s and even though it primarily features Korean martial arts, it also consists of various other martial arts. There is science behind taekwondo’s approach to self-defense and while known for their kicks, practitioners also incorporate as many hand techniques.

As far as its popularity, taekwondo attracts enough attention to be featured on many online sportsbook sites. Gambling on the martial arts is common and taekwondo is no exception, especially considering that it is an Olympic sport. If you plan on gambling on taekwondo, have in mind that some sites also have cool bonus codes and promotions you can find before you register. It’s similar to online casinos which offer you free spins with your first deposit. If you want to know more about taekwondo, it’s necessary to get acquainted with the biggest taekwondo organizations in Canada.

Taekwondo Canada

Taekwondo Canada is Canada’s biggest taekwondo organization, also recognized by World Taekwondo, the world’s leading organization, which regulates many competitions of the highest levels, including the World Taekwondo Championships and taekwondo at the Olympic games.

Now, Taekwondo Canada was founded in 1978, at least with that name, and was accepted as a member of World Taekwondo, in the same year. In 1996, they were recognized by Sport Canada as the national taekwondo sports organization, the only one with any official governing of taekwondo in Canada.

Their goals are to keep producing exemplary martial artists and develop taekwondo in Canada.

Canada at International Taekwondo Tournaments

Ever since the year 2000, at the Sydney Olympic Games, taekwondo has been an Olympic sport. It was accepted as a demonstration sport in 1988 and 1992, but became an official sport in 2000.

In Sydney in 2000, Dominique Bosshart was the only Canadian to take home a taekwondo medal, a bronze one, in the heavyweight division. Even though she competed in 2004, she did not get a medal.

2008 in Beijing saw Canada’s greatest success on the international Olympic stage, from Karine Sergerie, earning a silver medal in the women’s lightweight category. Karine was also the first woman in Canada to win a gold medal in the World Taekwondo Championship in 2007.

Taekwondo in Canada is very present, having lots of members and even world champions. Their governing organization, appropriately named Taekwondo Canada is responsible for any and all official events in Canada and for helping aspiring martial artists win medals. If you are visiting Canada and are in need of some high-paced kicking and punching, there are many taekwondo dojangs you can train in.

The Best Sparring Gear You Should Have

When sparring, it is important to gear up, otherwise, you might get injured. That is true for almost any contact sport, or extreme sport. Having the right gear with you is essential as it prevents injury, which should at the top of the list, and it also promotes great and effective exercise.

Here is the gear you should have if you want to spar.


Your head is really important as it houses your brain and various other essential body parts such as ears, eyes, nose and teeth. Protecting your head in a sparring match is more than just recommended, but rather mandatory, as you will get a good idea of what a blow to the face might feel like, but less intensive and without fatal or destructive consequences.

The type of headgear depends on the sport you intend to practice, but almost any sparring session will have shots aimed for the head so be prepared.


Gloves are essential for sparring because they keep your hands from hurting the other person while also protecting your hands from you hurting yourself. Not knowing how to throw a punch is every beginner’s problem and throwing a wrong one can hurt both the sparring partner and the one who threw the punch.

Depending on the sport, there are various types of gloves, from boxing ones, to smaller ones used in taekwondo, for example. Think about hand wraps if you plan on doing boxing as gloves can irritate and tear your skin from all the punches. This can also happen with just a punching bag.

Shin Guards

If your contact sport of choice also allows kicks, then shin guards are essential. Almost any sport has kicks in their arsenals of ways you can hit an opponent, so buying a pair should keep your shins from bruising or breaking, while providing them with enough stress so that they can grow in density and durability.

Groin Guards

Speaking of kicks, groin guards are especially recommended for male martial artists. A missed kick or a bad block or dodge could mean you getting hit where it hurts the most, which is something that can easily be avoided with a groin guard.


Having a mouthguard on can make the difference between a lost tooth and just a short-lasting ache. Wear them if you value your pearly whites.

This gear is essential for sparring and if you are planning on doing any, you should definitely obtain most of it.

Best Martial Arts Games

The martial arts genre is currently very popular in the video games world, after it saw a real boom in cinema and television in the 1960s-1970s. Even online casinos offer a series of martial arts-themed slot games for gambling aficionados. UK gamblers who like to experience martial arts through their favourite casino games have the chance to benefit from some great promotions when first signing up on a website, such as this Betfair Casino promotion code.

Martial arts are mostly represented in fighting games, but other genres also include martial arts elements, like action-adventure and RPG games. Below you can find a list of the best martial arts games of all time.

UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3 is a mixed martial arts game released in 2012 in which the gamer can play at amateur level or take the role of different fighting champions, like Brock Lesnar, Mirko Filipović, Anderson Silva, or BJ Penn. Alternatively, players can create their own fighter and choose what fighting style they want to experience, such as Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Tekken 7

Created by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Tekken 7 is the ninth game in the Tekken series but managed to still seem original and provide players with lots of fun. The game takes off where Tekken 6 has left off, continuing the events that lead up to the final fight between martial artist Heihachi Mishima and his son, Kazuya.

This installment comes with a great roster of characters and introduces new features to the fighting system that increase the characters’ powers, such as the Rage and the Power Crush. Fast-paced and engaging, Tekken 7 is perfect for those who want to practice martial arts in the digital world.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is an insanely popular fighting game that was launched in arcades in 1992; later on, it was ported to several other gaming platforms. If you lived under a rock until now, let us tell you that Mortal Kombat is a Shaolin martial arts tournament in which several fighters compete to have the chance to face the grandmaster. It stood out from the pool of fighting games due to the excessive violence – especially with its infamous Fatalities – and its focus on gore and explicit graphics.

Street Fighter

This exciting fighting video game is Capcom’s flagship franchise. the very first game in the series came to the market in 1987, and since then a lot of installments and spin-offs have been launched. Street Fighter II stands out due to the fact that it set the standards for the one-on-one fighting genre.

Jade Empire

This action RPG was developed by BioWare and allows players to take the role of an aspiring martial-arts master. The gamer’s choices and decisions will turn the character into either a noble character or a villain and will determine the fate of the Jade Empire.

The 2017 World Taekwondo Championships

This year, the World Championship is held in the country where it all started: Korea. On June 24-30, the county of Muju will be the host of this world class competition. The wait can be very stressful for athletes. You could play fantasy football to blow off some steam.

General mentions

The competition will occur in a G-12 single elimination system. There are separate tournaments for men and women with the following weight divisions:

  • Men: under 54kg, 54-58k, 58-63kg, 63-68kg, 68-74kg, 74-80kg, 80-87kg, over 87kg.
  • Women: under 46kg, 49-53kg, 53-57kg, 57-62kg, 62-67kg, 67-73kg, over 73kg.

In order to participate to the World Championship from Muju, athletes and team officials have to first register with a WTF Global Athlete License (GAL) or a Global Official License (GOL) respectively. After that, they will have to complete the online registration process. The National Team GMS administration will receive an email this becomes available.


The competition is not free to enter. There are 3 types of fees: early bird ($75 per athlete), regular ($100 per athlete), and late ($150 per athlete). The Early Bird discounted period was over on March 30th and the regular entry fee period ended on May 24th, 2017.

So, at this point, the only remaining option is to pay the late registration fee until June 9th, 2017. Still, there’s an important mention here. Late registration is available only if the WTF and the Organizing Committee decides to implement this and makes an official communication.

The maximum number of athletes that national associations can register is 8 males and 8 females. As for team officials, you can register 1 head of team per country, 1 manager per team, 2 coaches per team, 1 team doctor, 2 trainers per team and 3 Member National Association (MNA) officials per country.

Each National Association has to ensure the round trip airfare costs and the accommodation charges. Ground transportation in South Korea will be provided by the Organizing Committee of the event.


There are 2 different types of awards at this World Taekwondo Championship: individual awards and team awards. 4 medals will be awarded to the top 4 athletes in each weight category (1 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals). As for team awards, the top 5 men teams and top 5 women teams get trophies based on the number of points gathered by their members.

That being said, every participant who passed the official weigh-in gets 1 point and every won fight brings 1 point. A gold medal is worth 7 points, silver brings 3 points and the bronze only 1 point.

The 2016 Taekwondo World Championship

Last year, the Russian Federation got the highest number of medals: 11 medals, out of which only 2 were gold. Korea got the highest number of gold medals: 6 but they came second at the overall number of medals: 10.

Korea was followed by Turkey with 8 medals out of which 2 are gold. The Islamic Republic of Iran and Chinese Taipei share the 4 place with 7 medals each (3 gold medals for IRI, coming second after the Koreans).

Betting on Taekwondo

Believe it or not, gambling is not limited to betting on football, rugby, horse races, golf, basketball, and other sports. The betting market is so diverse, taekwondo is not an exception and has its own place in the wagering markets.

There are a couple bookmakers that allow betting on mixed martial arts and therefore, bet on taekwondo matches. If you are interested or passionate in betting altogether, you can go to borgata casino online and discover their offers in terms of wagering. You can also do your own research and find the sportsbook or the online casino you like the most.

So how does betting on taekwondo work? Well, it’s not different at all than betting on football or basketball. Here are a couple of important details about what you need to know before you start betting on mixed martial arts.

Taekwondo is very complex martial art. Fighters must have a very well trained body, strong mentality, focused decision making, and all these can determine a winner.

Fighter’s record is a very important thing to look at when betting on martial arts. The level of competition the fighter is at is very important aspect to consider when placing your bets. If you look at the fighter’s history or performance in the past, do you see any winning or losing pattern? Any weakness or type of competitor that the fighter can’t defeat?

Look for any other information you can find about the fighter. If there any interviews, videos, matches featuring him, you’d probably want to see them. These are also some details to consider and can help you make a decision.

The amount of time the fighter is active or inactive is another point of interest for taekwondo gamblers. It is important that the fighter stays active. When the performer spends more time inactive between the current and the last competition, you should find out why. For example, if the fighter was injured that may interfere with the ability to train and fight at his best. Get to know if there are any injuries the fighter comes with in the new competition.

Training is also something you may want to take a look at. A fighter must train to keep his fighting skills sharp. This might be a very important clue you may consider for your bets.
Just like any other sport, taekwondo matches are based on odds. People who prefer wagering on the martial arts market will of course be looking for odds. Online betting casinos offer their own odds on martial arts, just find the ones you like the most.

That’s mostly all about betting on martial arts and taekwondo. We hope you find this mini-guide useful and enjoy the whole new dimension to betting and taekwondo at same time. Good luck and enjoy!